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Cursus: 202000105
Manufacturing Systems & Technical Product Definition
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)4
Contactpersoonir. W. de Kogel - Polak
VorigeVolgende 4
Docent K. Goulas
ir. W. de Kogel - Polak
Contactpersoon van de cursus
ir. W. de Kogel - Polak
Contactpersoon van de cursus
ing. T.G.M. Krone
ing. T.G.M. Krone
OpmerkingPart of module 1 B-ME
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Manufacturing systems
Main objective:
The course Manufacturing systems focuses on learning to select the right production processes for products and parts of products from the design and production perspective.

Learning objectives, afterwards the student can (in the role of designer):
  • explain how the processes are influenced by:
    • material choice of the product (part);              
    • quality requirements of the product (part);                    
    • geometric features of the product (part);              
    • product (part) quantities to be produced;            
    • technical limits of production equipment and tools;
  • select a suitable production process for a given (part of a )product.
Afterwards the student can (in the role of production engineer):
  • describe and explain the complete production cycle of a product;
  • translate the workpiece drawing of a machined part into a work preparation;
  • explain what the effect is on the complete production cycle of a (part of a) product caused by:
    • automation;
    • quality of processes and testing;
    • engineering metrology;
    • safety
Technical Product Definition
As a result of the course Technical product definition a student can:
  • sketch and interpret a technical drawing;
  • analyze a technical drawing and sketch regarding the functional performance of the various  components;
  • apply the technical drawing rules, usual in mechanical engineering;
  • use the 3D CAD system SolidWorks;
  • think better in spatial representations;
  • identify several aspects of normalization;
  • apply several design aspects of machine elements regarding the production method used.
This is a part of module 1, ME 1 Design and Manufacturing of the Bachelor Mechanical Engineering.. See here for the compete description of the module.

Manufacturing systems
Materials, casting, bulk deformation, sheet metal forming, machining, plastic processing, work preparation, quality, automation, joining and process selection. The course consists of 2 hearing lectures, 6 tutorials, a presentation session related to an excursion to a manufacturing facility. The subjects fit closely to the practicals in the workshop (4 times half a day). The practicals are relevant to the theory and for building the prototype of the project. Building the prototype will be done in 3 times half a day.
Technical Product Definition
This course consists of 7 times half a day tutorials and 5 hearing lectures to familiarize the student withe the language of mechanical engineering. Students learn to sketch by hand and to make drawings with Solidworks.

This course can only be taken by ME students.
Participating study
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
Module 1
Verplicht materiaal
Manufacturing systems - Industrial Production, The Manufacture of Mechanical Products of Prof dr ir H.J.J. Kals e.a. , 6th revised edition, uitgeverij Boom, ISBN: 9789024427390
Technical Product Definition - Technical Drawing , reader 100 Technical Drawing Assignments, reader 022 Laptop with installed SolidWorks Tools: pencils HB and 2H
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Exam Technical Product Definition

Exam Manufacturing Systems

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