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Course module: 202000083
Traffic Flow Dynamics
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Course module202000083
Credits (ECTS)3.5
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact E.C. van Berkum
Lecturer E.C. van Berkum
Contactperson for the course E.C. van Berkum
Academic year2021
Starting block
RemarksPart of module 8 B-CE
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  • Knowledge: The student has knowledge of the basic concepts of traffic flow theory, including data measurement
  • Comprehension: The student is able understand and explain some of the basic phenomena in traffic flows. including data measurement
  • Application: The student is able to apply the concepts and phenomena as a basis for traffic management systems…
  • Analysis: The student is able to analyse the level of service of a traffic flow, based on measurements and/or simulation outcomes
  • Synthesis & evaluation: The student is able to analyse and compare different traffic flow situations 
This is a part of Module 8, Modelling & Analysis of Stochastic Processes of the Bachelor Civil Engineering. See here for the complete description of this module.

In this course students learn about the behaviour of traffic flow from theory, and also by simulation of traffic flows in the tutorials. Macroscopic flow characteristics as speed, flow and density, microscopic characteristics as speeds and headways play an important role as well as traffic flow phenomena as queuing, shockwaves, and delays. As a prerequisite for simulation, the goal is to learn about the principles of a so-called micro-simulation to be able to conduct a simulation study focused on traffic operations.

Additional information:
Preferably, this course should be followed in parallel with the course Project Simulation of Traffic Flows.

External students who are interested in this elective: please contact
Module 8
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Bachelor Civil Engineering
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