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Cursus: 202000062
Introduction Project Disciplines
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)4,5
VoertaalEngels J. Boes
Docent M.C. van den Berg
Contactpersoon van de cursus J. Boes
Docent J. Boes
dr. M. van Buiten
T.B.J. Coenen
OpmerkingPart of module 4 B-CE
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The learning goals of the three disciplines, tested in an Integrated Test, are:

Introduction Construction Projects
The student should be able to describe and explain:
  • Project management, including its (limits of) suitability.
  • Key characteristics of construction industry’s product (built objects), process (construction process), and participants (client, adviser, contractor, supplier).
  • Common investment criteria (e.g., net present value and internal rate of return), and use them to evaluate (simple) investment opportunities in the construction industry.
Systems Engineering

The student should be able to…
  • describe Systems Engineering and its key models and terms in his/her own words
  • apply Systems Engineering to a design project
  • include and integrate other disciplines into the Systems Engineering methodology
Circularity & Sustainability

The student should be able to…
  • understand and reproduce the principles of circularity (in relation to circular economy)
  • apply the principles of circularity during the complete life-cycle (phases; initiative, design, construct, use and demolition) of buildings and infrastructure objects
  • define the differences between circular economy and other sustainable concepts (as for instance cradle to cradle, CO2 footprint, etc.).

This is a part of Module 4, Designing Constructions of the Bachelor Civil Engineering. See here for the complete description of this module.

Introduction Construction Projects
The construction industry is a “people business”. Introduction Construction Projects (ICP) offers a cursory glance at the industry as a whole and in particular at the way construction projects are selected and organized. ICP comprises project management (PM) fundamentals, and a more in-depth look at project organization (PO) in the construction industry, as well as project finance (PF).
PF is an integral part of the project. The written exam (Integrated Test) contains questions about all aspects of ICP (i.e., PM, PO, and PF).

Systems Engineering
The student learns the principles of Systems Engineering by studying the literature individually and by applying the method to a construction project in a group. The group is responsible for developing a draft design for a construction project. The student’s Systems Engineering knowledge is tested with an individual written exam. The skills to apply Systems Engineering are tested in the group design report.

Circularity & Sustainability
A circular economy is one of the main goals to strive for towards the future. Circularity can be seen as the next step of sustainable use of our commodities. The student’s Circularity knowledge is tested with an individual written exam. The skills to apply circularity are tested in the group design report.

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Participating study
Bachelor Civil Engineering
Module 4
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Project Management, A practical approach. R. Grit, ISBN:ISBN 978-90-01-85054-8
Book (available through Canvas) Principles of corporate finance. Brealey, R. A., Myers, S. C., & Allen, F.
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Project disciplines

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