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Course module: 202000006
Semester 3: Maintenance
Course infoSchedule
Course module202000006
Credits (ECTS)0
Course typeModule name
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact W. Haanstra
Lecturer W. Haanstra
Contactperson for the course W. Haanstra
Academic year2021
Starting block
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Semester 3 consists of the courses Mathematical: Differential Equations, Dynamics, Materials Science: Polymers, Tribology, Manufacturing 2, Signal analysis and Project & Academic Skills 3: Maintenance. In the project, the focus will be on combining manufacturing of components with their operational life. The (re)design of products for maintainability links strongly with the course Manufacturing 2 and operational functionality of a system to predict when maintenance is due. In this project, a condition monitoring system, in terms of type and location of sensor and in terms of analysis method needs to be designed. The results of the project will be a scientific pitch regarding the project content, a presentation and a project report.  Below an semester overview is given
Name Code Ec
Mathematics: Differential Equations 202000007 4
Dynamics 202000008 3,5
Mechanical Vibrations 202000009 3,5
Materials Science: Polymers 202000010 2
Tribology 202000011 2
Signal Analysis 202000012 2
Manufacturing 2 202000013 3,5
Project & Acad. Skills 3: Maintenance 202000014 9
Continuous Assessment 3 202000015 0,5

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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering-VU
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