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Cursus: 201900314
Training (Certified) Learning Assistants
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (ECTS)1
Contactpersoondr. M.J.M. van Geel
Contactpersoon van de cursus
dr. M.J.M. van Geel
dr. M.J.M. van Geel
AanmeldingsprocedureBureau onderwijszaken meldt jou aan
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Students can be from any program or faculty, as long as they will be involved in assisting in the learning and teaching process. This can be, but is not limited to, assisting during lab settings, supervising and guiding tutorials, and tutoring project groups. It is assumed that students work as LA in a unit they have experienced from the student perspective as well.
The training is offered spread over two quartiles (not necessarily adjacent) in which the LA’s work as learning assistant. After finalizing the second part the LA will receive a Certificate and 1 EC.
Students have to register twice: for the quartile in which they follow the first part and again for the quartile in which they take the second part.
Students must register via the lecturer who hires them as student or learning assistant.
The training will help the LA’s to make the shift from learner to teacher perspective and role. The training will explicitly prepare them for the three most common LA tasks: as assistant in working groups, as assistant in practical or lab sessions and as tutor of project groups. The LA will learn basic didactical expertise that will enable them to deduct how to perform all sorts of LA tasks in new situations.
Learning objectives
At the end of the training the students:
  • are aware of their role and task as assistants in learning.
  • can build a relationship with individual students, groups of students, and the teacher they work for/with.
  • can coach and guide groups of students.
  • have knowledge and skills with regard to asking questions and providing answers in educational settings.
  • have knowledge and skills with regard to providing constructive feedback.
  • can describe, analyze and recognize the systematic approaches that are applied in their field of work / specific unit, and can apply this systematic approach in guiding the learning of students in this unit.
  • show a reflective, professional attitude aimed at improving their practice as LA.
  • can identify the relationship between their job as LA, and the goals, teaching strategies and assessment of the unit they assist in, the course, module and program as a whole.
  • can evaluate what they do as LA in relation to the goals, teaching strategies and assessment of the unit they assist in, the course, module and program as a whole, and can provide suggestions for improvement if possible.
  • can determine strategies for assisting, when provided the goals, teaching strategies and assessment of the unit they are asked to assist in, the course, module and program as a whole.
Main topics:
Role and tasks of learning assistants in WGs, lab session and as tutor
Building professional relationships
Asking questions & giving answers
First meeting/session with students
Systematic approach
Group processes and how to influence these
Feedback and formative assessment
Module structures, constructive alignment
Online assistance
Main training methods: Discussions, intervision, reflection, action plans, assignments
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Assignments: Redesign module component; Reflection&Action plans

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