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Course module: 201900260
Magnetic Methods in Medicine
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Course module201900260
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact L. Alic
Contactperson for the course L. Alic
Lecturer J.G.M. Becht
Academic year2021
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Provided with lecturing material, after completing this lecture, the master student biomedical engineering (Imaging and in vitro diagnostics track) will be able discuss the physical mechanisms for magnetic detection techniques in medicine.
Given the instructions in reviewing literature, presenting results, and writing paper, the students will be able to formulate a research question, research the scientific literature, present the results, and write a review paper.
  • Sources of magnetism in the human body
  • Magneto encephalography (MEG)
  • Magnetic tracers and contrast materials
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy
Learning objectives
  • Magnetic methods (M): In a subject of their choice relevant to the MMM-topics, the students will be able to conduct a critical appraisal of the literature and write a scientific paper using a template provided (relevant to biomedical engineering).
  • Systematic literature review: In a subject of their choice relevant to the MMM-topics, the students will be able to
    • S1: formulate a relevant research question
    • S2: perform appropriate literature search and explain the choices
    • S3: extract relevant information to address research question
S1: Formulate a research question                               formative feedback trough Canvas
S2: Write a logbook on search strategyformative         feedback trough Canvas (30% of final grade)
S3: Write material & methods section                           formative feedback trough Canvas
M: Paper submitted trough Canvas will be given a peer review by 2 peers (formative feedback), and by the lecturer (summative 70 % of final grade)
  • Lectures: Short review of the laws describing electricity and magnetism, followed by an introduction to the electromagnetic tissue properties and the signals generated by the human body. Furthermore, a review is presented of the magnetic methods used in current clinical practice (magnetic detection, MEG, MRI).
  • Instructions: Basics of literature review, and scientific writing
  • Peer review of the submitted paper
Required materials
Course material
lecture notes, materials via Canvas
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