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Course module: 201900254
Power Electronic Converters
Course info
Course module201900254
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact P. Venugopal
Examiner J. Popović
Contactperson for the course P. Venugopal
Examiner P. Venugopal
Academic year2022
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The main objective is to understand how switch-mode circuits operate that convert power between different DC levels or between AC and DC.
 Specific learning goals are:
(1) to understand how power electronics is applied to convert energy in familiar electronic systems;
(2) to understand how the characteristics of power semiconductor devices can be approximated by ideal switches;
(3) to obtain understanding and insight into the concepts of  quasi-steady state analysis, pulse width modulation, thermal circuits, voltage distortion, power quality ;
(4) to solve simple power electronic circuits analytically by using the quasi steady state approximation;
(5) to explain the circuit operation diagram by sketching the voltage and current waveforms;
(6) to be able to select appropriate circuits suitable for specific applications.
This course covers the principles of power conversion with switch-mode circuits. The basic circuits of power electronics are explained, including ac-dc converters (diode rectifiers), dc-dc converters (non-isolated and isolated) and dc-ac converters (inverters). Issues specific to power electronics including quasi-steady state analysis, pulse width modulation, thermal circuits, voltage distortion, power quality and commonly used power semiconductor devices are treated.
Assumed previous knowledge
Undergraduate course on electric circuit theory.

Undergraduate course on electromagnetics.
Participating study
Master Electrical Engineering
Participating study
Master Sustainable Energy Technology
Required materials
Power Electronics - converters, design and applications; Mohan, Undeland and Robbins; 2nd or 3rd Edition, John Wiley, ISBN 978-0-471-22693-2
Recommended materials
“The Principles of Electronic and Electromechanical Power Conversion – A Systems Approach”, Braham Ferreira, Wim van der Merwe, 1st edition Wiley, January 2014, ISBN 978-1-118-65609-9
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