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Course module: 201900235
Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis
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Course module201900235
Credits (ECTS)4.5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personC.C. Diepenmaat
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C.C. Diepenmaat
prof.dr. J.A. Faria Albanese
prof.dr. J.A. Faria Albanese
Examiner L. Lefferts
Lecturer L. Lefferts
Academic year2022
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Kinetics & Catalysis is an introduction to study (the rate of) chemical reactions, whether or not catalysed. Over 85% of the materials and products we encounter in our daily lives have had a catalyst during the production process. Catalysts accelerate or drive chemical reactions, without being consumed. Therefore, we begin the subject with a detailed look at what factors influence the speed of a chemical reaction. We then study a catalysed reaction and will see that the reaction kinetics can be significantly affected. We hereby introduce  homogeneous  catalysis  (where  reactants  and  catalysts  are  in  the  same  phase), heterogeneous  catalysis  (reactants  and catalysts are in distinct phases) and enzyme catalysis side by side. We will further introduce the complex formation or adsorption as a crucial step in a catalytic reaction and will look into it in detail. In addition, transport phenomena and microscopic /spectroscopic examination of catalysts will be addressed and will link to processes that are treated in Industrial Chemistry and Processes.
This course is only accessible for students of the PT course.
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This course is only accessible for students of the PT course.
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