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Course module: 201900223
Capita Selecta Electrical Engineering
Course info
Course module201900223
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. S. Zhang
PreviousNext 5
Examiner R.G.K.M. Aarts
Examiner M. Abayazid, PhD
Examiner L. Abelmann
Examiner N. Alachiotis
dr. A. Alayón Glazunov
Academic year2022
Starting block
Application procedure-
Registration using OSIRISNo
The learning goals of the course are twofold:
  1. After following this course, students have obtained knowledge and competencies about a chosen topic. The depth of this knowledge and competencies is such that the student can use it in an independent way for research and development purposes in one of the fields of Electrical Engineering, e.g. during the master’s thesis research.
  2.  As a result of the course, students have learned to independently study a chosen topic in-depth:
  • Choose an appropriate method to investigate a given topic
  • Plan and carry out theoretical study and hands-on training
  • Find, analyse and appropriately refer to literature relevant to the study topic
  • Put their own study topic in a wider context
  • Present the results of the study in the form of a report in English
The purpose of the course is to provide the opportunity to students to explore specific topics in-depth, not available as a regular course in a specific curriculum.
The assignment has to be concluded by a written report. The topic will be selected and tutored by a scientific staff member of one of the groups involved in the Electrical Engineering master’s programme.
The course is not scheduled in the timetable of the programme, since it will be adapted to the student’s needs. Students are expected to show a high degree of independence and initiative in following this course.
Once a student has found a teacher for this course, the student and the teacher should reach an agreement about the setup of the course:
  • the topic to be studied
  • the course materials (e.g. papers, books)
  • the learning activities (e.g. self-study, assignments, projects, presentations)
  • a time schedule for the activities
  • the assessment procedure and criteria.

The agreement, describing the content of the course will have to be written down in an agreement form. In this form, the student should give a motivation for following this course and it should be made clear that no regular course can satisfy the purposes of this course. After completion of the course the teacher is requested to fill in an assessment form.

Agreement form
Assessment form
Please submit both forms to the Education Office

Study load
Standard 5EC. The student and the teacher can agree on a different study load between 2 and 6EC, depending on the amount of study.
This should be indicated clearly on both the agreement form and the assessment form.
Assumed previous knowledge
Based on the topic of study the teacher will decide which prior knowledge is required to start the course
Participating study
Master Electrical Engineering
Participating study
Master Systems and Control
Participating study
Master Embedded Systems
Required materials
Recommended materials
Course material
Student and teacher will have to reach an agreement about the course materials.
Instructional modes
Presence dutyYes

Self study without assistance
Presence dutyYes


Kies de Nederlandse taal