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Course module: 201900111
Water Management
Course info
Course module201900111
Credits (ECTS)4
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. G. Özerol
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F.R. Baack
prof.dr. S.M.M. Kuks
dr. K.R.D. Lulofs
dr. E. Nugraha
dr. G. Özerol
Academic year2021
Starting block
RemarksLocation: Leeuwarden
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Course learning objectives
  1. To describe and critically reflect on the key concepts and theories of water management, water resources and water services.
  2. To recognize contemporary issues and challenges in water and the water dependent society, including climate change adaptation.
  3. To describe and assess water resources management, and the related risks and strategies to safeguard and improve water resources and water services.
  4. To apply methods to describe and critically assess the complexity in socio-ecological systems, inter-sectoral systems and their alignment with water resources and water services.
  5. To develop appropriate climate adaptive strategies for water resources, water services and their management.
Water and climate are crucial for welfare and wellbeing of people. Safeguarding sustainability and resilience of water resources and water supply is crucial. In this course, problems of too little water (droughts), too much water (floods) and water of too little quality (availability and pollution) are assessed, as well as improvement strategies and the governance of these. The course offers an advanced introduction into water management and climate change adaptation.
The course focuses on understanding the hydrological cycle, the water chain, the human impact on water and climate, the dependency of societal actors upon water and contemporary water management strategies that bridge water and climate change adaptation. The course takes a multi- level approach reaching from the global and international perspectives up to the local perspective. Literature therefore covers international topics in different geographical contexts, including both developed and developing countries. The course addresses responsible management of water resources and climate change adaptation strategies in rural and urban areas. You will learn how to apply strategies and tools for improvement of management of too little water, too much water and water of low quality in times of climate change.
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Master Environmental and Energy Management
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