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Cursus: 201900041
Traffic Psychology
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)5
VoertaalEngels W.B. Verwey
Contactpersoon van de cursus W.B. Verwey
Examinator W.B. Verwey
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At the end of the course, students will
  1. have acquired insight in the role of knowledge of human cognition (perception, attention, learning, memory, and decision making) in the development of road traffic systems.
  2. have acquired an understanding of the most important research methods in the domain of road traffic systems.
  3. have an overview of existing and future road traffic systems.
  4. be able to describe the essence of a scientific chapter or research article in traffic psychology, and to give presentations on these matters.
  5. be able to develop a research proposal.

Connection to the work field
It is quite obvious that HFE students will in their career encounter and contribute to the development of supportive and autonomously operating systems in general. They will have to determine the desired functionalities and the way in which people should use them from a Human Factors point of view. This course prepares students for these encounters by showing how basic knowledge of cognition is applied in a particular domain, namely that of road transport. They will learn about introduction of a variety of support systems which eventually will culminate in the wide scale spread of self-driving cars. In addition, this course teaches students to express their ideas in public and develop research proposals.
The course focuses on the way in which insight in human cognition influences the design of technical systems in the road transport domain. This will involve applying knowledge of cognitive processes, like perception, attention, learning, memory, decision making, and acting, to the design of traffic systems. In addition, attention will be devoted to the effects on driving behavior of telephoning, fatigue, aging, and drugs.
Bachelor or pre-master Psychology UT
Participating study
Master Psychology
Verplicht materiaal
Traffic Psychology: Handbook of Traffic Psychology Edited by: Bryan E. Porter ISBN: 978-0-12-381984-0
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Written exam + assignments

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