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Course module: 201900015
Project & Acad. Skills 1: Manufacturing
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Course module201900015
Credits (ECTS)8.5
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact J.P. Schilder
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I. Braadbaart
M.B. Fonseca Lima
N.S. Martin
S. Nagasundaram
S. Sanchez
Academic year2022
Starting block
RemarksPart of Semester 1 B-ME (UT-VU)
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After completion of the project 1 the student can:
  • analyze a design problem
  • Intro to Mechanical Engineering
  • Generate concepts and motivate the choice for the final concept
  • Perform a mechanical analysis on the design (loads, stresses, deformations).
  • apply the knowledge gained from “Mechanics of Materials” and “Modeling and Programming” courses on detail design of the chosen concept
  • Describe the choices for the production process of the prototype
  • Develop a concept to a detailed design, considering the dimensions, material choice and manufacturability
  • build a prototype based on self-made drawings and work preparation for in the workshop and test the prototype

  • The student is able to give an oral presentation which is adjusted to the audience in content, set up and presentation style.
  • The student is able to define clear (study-) objectives and is able to acquire these independently using various study strategies
  • give an oral presentation which is adjusted to the audience in content, set up and presentation style.

This is a part of Semester 1 of the Bachelor Mechanical Engineering (UT-VU) See here for the compete description of this semester.

Content Project 1
PROJECT 1 & ACADEMIC SKILLS 1: MANUFACTURING is the first course of the Project and Academic Skills learning line. 
Project 1 is a semester project and concerns the design of a mechanical device, machine or mechanism. The Academic skills are assessed based on individual and project tasks. The project’s first part in block 1 concerns the analysis (problem analysis, a program of requirements) and the conceptual design (divide functions, morphological diagram, develop concepts, structural sketches, select concept, design sketch). Students deliver a detailed design, justify their decisions for the chosen product structure in a midway presentation. The project in block 2 concerns the realization of a detailed design (Technical Drawings, CAD model e.g.) and students provide calculations to support their decisions for selecting machine elements. The project in block 3 concerns the build, test, evaluation and conclusions of the designed and realized prototype. Based on the results of project 1 in block 1 and 2 students run a test program, write a proposal for improvement of the design in a project report and present their design, results and findings.
Content Academic Skills
In general, Academic and Professionals skills distinguishes 5 learning paths:
  1. Oral and written communication
  2. Teamwork and project coordination skills
  3. Information and research skills
  4. Study skills and personal development
  5. Societal impact of engineering
Within this semester, the following contents are considered:
  • Study skills and personal development
During the first semester, general study skills and time management will be introduced to the students. During a series of reflective meetings, the students will define learning objectives. Based on the quality of learning objectives, each student will receive a pass or fail based on a rubric. If a student fails, the student has to complete an additional assignment.
  • Oral and written communication
Presentation skills are introduced to the students during the first block on which they will receive feedback (formative testing). At the end of the semester, the presentation skills will be assessed and graded by members of the skills team. If the grade is below 5,5, the student will fail the project and a resit (organized by the skills team) is required.
  • Teamwork and project coordination skills
During the first semester, we will focus on planning skills and on time delivery of work. A lecture about teamwork skills and planning is given at the beginning of the first block. The tutor supplies the student with feedback during each meeting using a rubric. At the last session, the students are assessed and get a pass or fail by their tutor using the same rubric. Students obtaining a fail, have to join additional planning meetings? during the second semester.

Please note: This course takes place in Amsterdam and is only accessible for BSc UT-VU ME students.

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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering-VU
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