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Course module: 201900008
Semester 1: Manufacturing
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Course module201900008
Credits (ECTS)0
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Language of instructionEnglish
Contact B.M. de Gooijer - Hoeben
Contactperson for the course B.M. de Gooijer - Hoeben
Academic year2023
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Semester 1 Manufacturing (semester code 201900008) is centred around a project which is ongoing during the entire semester. In the project students design a mechanical device and manufacture its prototype. In this way the students become familiar with three fundamental disciplines of Mechanical Engineering: Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing. The courses Statics and Mechanics of Materials offer knowledge on how to analyse the mechanics of structures that are subjected to external loads. This is done both analytically and numerically. These courses are supported by Mathematics: Linear Algebra, in which it explained how to solve the relevant sets of equations. In Materials Science: Metals and Alloys, it is explained how the properties of materials depend on their composition and structure. Students learn how to select a material for a certain application. In Manufacturing 1, students are introduced to the details of a wide variety of manufacturing processes and essential machine elements. In this course students also learn how to work with CAD software and how to create technical drawings. All courses directly contribute to the project, which covers conceptual design, the mechanical analysis of critical components, material selection, technical drawings and the manufacturing and testing of a prototype. Relevant aacademic and professional skills, such as study skills, presentation skills and writing a technical report are taught as part of the project.
In order to accommodate students' start-up, relatively small content parts are tested during the semester. This also enables us to give a timely preliminary BSA advice. Therefore, course grades will be split into several subgrades. Typically each course, although it may be ongoing during the entire semester, will have a test at the end of every block.  Below you find a semester overview which shows subjects like course, ECs per block, examiners, and assessment criteria with the relations with the Final Qualification per subject

The semester consists of related courses and projects concerning Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing. The A semester overview is given below:
  • 201900009 Mathematics: Linear Algebra
  • 201900010 Statics
  • 201900011 Mechanics of Materials
  • 201900012 Materials Science
  • 201900013 Manufacturing
  • 201900014 Academic & Professional Skills (APS) – TIME
  • 201900015 Project 1 & APS: Manufacturing
  • 201900016 Continuous Assessment

Please note: This course takes place in Amsterdam and is only accessible for BSc UT-VU ME students.
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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering-VU
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Semester 1

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