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Cursus: 201900005
Academic and Research Phase
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (ECTS)37,5
CursustypeMaster eindopdracht
Contactpersoondrs. T.R. Luiten, MBA
drs. T.R. Luiten, MBA
Contactpersoon van de cursus
drs. T.R. Luiten, MBA
AanmeldingsprocedureZelf aanmelden via OSIRIS Student
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  1. Derive an overall research objective from a multidisciplinary societal problem
  2. Find, critically assess and summarize literature from all relevant disciplines
  3. Identify gaps in knowledge that lead to research questions
  4. Link the research objectives clearly to the three knowledge domains and aim at solutions/interventions in a multidisciplinary context
  5. Can design a detailed, justified and well-balanced methodology that potentially answers the research questions
  6. Formulate expected outcomes and potential results, and identify potential for new results that guide the research methodology
  7. Collect and analyse relevant data and information, correctly quantifying and interpreting uncertainty, as well as scaling and resolution issues in space and time
  8. Make a feasible and detailed time schedule and execute this in a timely and efficient manner
  9. Strike a balance in recomendating interventions, between workable solutions of complex requirements, technical possibilities and genuine interests of the parties involved
  10. Evaluate, adapt and justify decisions in the (design) process based on changing external requirements and new information
  11. Evaluate and justify design decisions, in a systematic and reproducible manner
  12. Design multidisciplinary, sustainable interventions
  13. Use scientific principles rigorously throughout the research
  14. Use, develop and validate models, and consciously and justifiably choses between different modelling techniques for spatio-temporal processes
  15. Draw viable conclusions and generate a good synthesis, and give recommendations that recognize the needs and wishes of stakeholder groups (potentially) involved
  16. Work independently and professionally
  17. Discuss effectively the research with peers
  18. Convey written information effectively using a professionally written and structured research proposal and Thesis
  19. Convey information effectively using professional visual and oral means in presenting the research
  20. Show data correctly and objectively, and makes effective choices in visualization
  21. Integrate ethical and normative aspects in his/her work: is aware of his/her position as scientist and of his/her cultural background
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Master Spatial Engineering
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