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Course module: 201800344
Master's Assignment: Physics Aspects
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Course module201800344
Credits (ECTS)20
Course typeFinal project Master
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. E.S. Kooij
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Lecturer H.J.M. ter Brake
Lecturer A. Brinkman
prof.dr. M.M.A.E. Claessens
Lecturer B. van Eijk
prof.dr. C. Filippi
Academic year2020
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The main objective of the assignment is that the student learns and proves that (s)he is able to  define, perform, complete and reflect on a research project in the applied physics domain with a large degree of independence.
In the master assignment, the objectives of the Applied Physics programme are met, which focuses on acquiring most of the learning outcomes of the complete program:
  • a thorough knowledge of the basic physics and mathematics theories;
  • a more in-depth knowledge of one or more sub-areas of physics;
  • knowledge of physical technology, including skill in designing and applying measuring equipment and experimental techniques;
  • orientation in the application areas of applied physics;
  • insight into how the sciences are interconnected and the relation between science and society and the resulting responsibilities;
  • skills such as being able to acquire knowledge independently; being able to contribute creatively and systematically to solving issues relating to the subject area; being able to work with colleagues;
  • in and outside the discipline; and communicative, social and organizational skills.
Physical aspects that will be assessed include:
  • Research plan and positioning
  • Theoretical and experimental skills
  • Analysing skills
  • Scientific approach & handling of complexity
  • Reflective capabilities
The individual master’s assignment comprises the completion of the master program Applied Physics. The assignment is performed in one of the research groups within the Applied Physics domain of the faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Twente under the supervision of a researcher with a doctors degree and the responsibility of a master’s final project committee.
The assignment can be performed (partially) within a research group outside the domain of Applied Physics or an external institute or organization. This needs the approval of the master’s examination board of Applied Physics.
The student has to perform a substantial research or design project that meets scientific criteria. The level of profundity and complexity is defined by the chair of the MSc graduation committee. The student completes the assignment with a written report (the MSc thesis) and an oral public presentation.
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Master Applied Physics
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