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Course module: 201800208
Climate Resilient Cities
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Course module201800208
Credits (ECTS)15
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact R. van der Velde
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Y.Y.Q. Al Asmar
dr. D. Alkema
Lecturer L.G.J. Boerboom
ir. M.J.G. Brussel
prof.dr. P.Y. Georgiadou
Academic year2022
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  1. Apply a given model for the simulation of physical processes that make the urban environment susceptible to disasters that have an event-based character
  2. Use a method for identifying the stakeholder perspectives on risk, vulnerability and resilience at the level of a city
  3. Make use of two-dimensional spatial data required to model or analyse an event in the urban environment
  4. Define a Personal Development Portfolio aimed at building up knowledge during the case study project
  5. Translate a multidisciplinary problem in the urban environment into a plan for a research project that can be completed within the time and resources available
  6. Analyse the current situation of the urban environment, and choose physical and non-physical engineering interventions that contribute to its resilience
  7. Design an engineering intervention that contributes to the resilience of urban environment and takes into consideration the perspectives of stakeholders at the level of a city
  8. Examine the impact of engineering interventions on the resilience of the urban environment through application of scientific methods
  9. Find and use scientific literature in the Spatial Engineering knowledge domains on climate resilience of the urban environment
  10. Critically review the feasibility of engineering interventions from the perspectives of stakeholders at the level of a city
  11. Combine the results of research project into information and communicate this using visual, written and oral means
  12. Recognize personal strengths and weaknesses when working in a team
  13. Identify the relationship between culture (underlying values and assumptions of a society) and the specific behaviours that derive from these and the pitfalls of communication.
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