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Course module: 201800016
Advanced Research Skills in River and Coastal Engineering
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Course module201800016
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact B.W. Borsje
Contactperson for the course B.W. Borsje
Lecturer B.W. Borsje
Lecturer J.J. van der Werf
Academic year2021
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Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
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After this course, the student is able to:
  • Search, select and penetrate scientific literature
  • Formulate criticism on existing knowledge
  • Present and report in a scientific way
PAY ATTENTION: this course requires the selection of a MSc-thesis topic in order to be able to attend! This course has to be taken after River Flow, River & Sediment Dynamics, Short Waves, Long Waves and Mathematical Physics of Water Systems.
This course prepares for the MSc-thesis in the River & Coastal management track. We study review papers and learn to write the literature report for the MSc-topic in a review paper form. We discuss the process of scientific paper writing. Every student reviews a paper, written by a researcher form the Water Engineering and Management department. This paper is ready to submit or just submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. Finally, every student focuses on a subject, individually or in pairs, which is laid down in a short report and a poster. This poster is presented and commented to other students and lecturers during a final poster session.
Assumed previous knowledge
River Flow, River & Sediment Dynamics, Short Waves, Long Waves and Mathematical Physics of Water Systems
Participating study
Master Civil Engineering and Management
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Kies de Nederlandse taal