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Course module: 201700348
International Study Tour Preparation
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Course module201700348
Credits (ECTS)5
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Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. L. Brouwers - Ren
dr. L. Brouwers - Ren
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dr. L. Brouwers - Ren
Academic year2021
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Students are able to discuss and reflect on the most important differences in three levels: (inter)national context (Macro), industry (Meso) and companies (Micro) between the destination country and The Netherlands / Europe before and during the Study Tour.
This course is a mandatory preparation to guarantee the academic value of the Study Tour.
The course is split into two parts,
1.    the (preparatory) research part
2.    the (preparatory) organizational part
Part 1 – Preparatory research
The preparatory research consists of three (sub) parts namely, Macro analysis, Meso analysis, and Micro analysis of the destination country. The Macro and Meso analyses will each be tested with a report and a presentation before the Study Tour (and the Micro analysis with a report after the Study Tour). The project work will be supported by tutorials in which students identify and present the issues of the Macro and Meso analyses. The attendance during the tutorials is mandatory.
During the Macro analysis the students conduct a PEST-model (+ History & Geography) analysis on the destination country. Each of the subgroup conducts a different part of the research. A comparison will be made between the Netherlands / Europe and the destination country. All students discuss the Macro analysis during the tutorials, in their reports and presentations.
During the Meso analysis the students will use Porter’s diamond model to analyze a set of five different industries. The industries will be selected by the Study Tour committee and will depend on the destination country. Again, each student group conducts research on one of the selected industries and compare with that of The Netherlands / Europe. Similar to the Macro analysis, all students discuss the Meso analysis during the tutorials, in their reports and presentations. 
During the Micro analysis a quick scan will be conducted on a company. The Study Tour theme that is part of the quick scan will be conducted on the study program related topics such as safety, sustainability and environment. The micro analysis is split into one part which is conducted in the Netherlands and the other part abroad. The former part should avoid asymmetry with the experience / knowledge gathered after the company visit. Micro analysis will not be part of the grading.
In The Netherlands
The quick scan is partly done in the Netherlands with information available via the internet. The students will come up with at least three relevant questions to ask the company, based on information from the quick scan.
The quick scan is completed at the company. The research conducted at the company should contain a reflection of the questions thought of beforehand and a comparison with the Dutch companies.
After the tutorials and presentations of the Macro and Meso analysis the students have distilled a list of five to ten expectations of the destination country. After the Study Tour a reflection on these expectations is to be made with regard to the experience and knowledge gathered during the study tour.
Part 2 – Organizational part
The organizational part is monitored and conducted under the supervision of the study tour committee. The students obtain or improve organizational and soft skills by participating in meetings, working together within and amongst the sub committees and conducting the work that is assigned to the subcommittee. Examples of soft skills are communication, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, professionalism, responsibility, team work and work ethic. This part has to be fulfilled in order to be able to join the Study Tour. The products that have to be delivered will not be tested nor credited with ECs.
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