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Course module: 201700184
Research Proposal IBA Bachelor Thesis
Course info
Course module201700184
Credits (ECTS)3
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. M.L. Ehrenhard
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M. Alves da Motta Filho
dr. C. Amrit
dr. H.C. van Beusichem
drs. P. Bliek
dr. H.F. de Boer
Academic year2018
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
Learning goals
This course is no longer part of the standard curriculum of IBA in 2018-2019 but only available for students that need it for transition rules.

By the delivered research proposal the student shows to be able to :
  • Master in depth the theoretical concepts in one of the knowledge domains of IBA.
  • Critically evaluate scientific literature in the knowledge domain of the thesis
  • To describe a theoretical contribution in the knowledge domain of the thesis and define and motivate a research problem based on literature.
  • Describe objectives for a bachelor thesis research project of 10 weeks
  • Define research questions for a bachelor thesis research project of 10 weeks
  • Design, describeand justify a methodological approach for the bachelor thesis research project.
  • Plan a bachelor thesis research project of 10 weeks
Goal of the bachelor thesis research proposal course (Q3) is to set up a research proposal for a research project resulting in a bachelor thesis in one of the IBA knowledge domains within a quartile (Q4).
Based on scientific literature in one of the knowledge domains of IBA a project need to be set-up that contributes to scientific knowledge and its practical relevance. The course is an essential content and planning preparation for the bachelor thesis project. The proposal needs to include the research design and planning in such a way that the bachelor thesis project can be successfully completed at the expected quality level and within 10 weeks.

Students will be offered specified research themes in a variation of IBA knowledge domains at the start of quartile 3 of each academic year. Each of these themes will be available for a group of about eight student: the bachelor circle. The bachelor circle is organized by the supervisor who is a an expert in the specific research theme.
In January an indication of the available themes will be published on Blackboard of the IBA bachelor thesis (201200015).
Students have to apply for bachelor thesis circles at the start of this course in quartile 3 according to the procedure described in Blackboard. Based on the motivation of the applicants and the availability of positions in the bachelor thesis circles the assignment to the circles will be arranged by IBA programme management.
Each bachelor thesis circle will be defined in such a way that company assignments will be possible. Students who want to do their bachelor thesis abroad or in a company always need to start from applying for a bachelor thesis circle in order to arrange supervision. Each bachelor circle has a (limited) number of opportunities for bachelor thesis projects in companies or abroad.
Students who plan their bachelor thesis project in a different quartile than quartile 4 need to have an approved study-planning and have to write their bachelor thesis research proposal also in quartile 3 (this course) according to standard procedures.
Assumed previous knowledge
M1-M6 of IBA + 1 IBA elective
Bachelor International Business Administration
Required materials
Recommended materials
Instructional modes
Presence dutyYes


Report that describes the Research Proposal for the IBA Bachelor Thesis

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