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Course module: 201700020
IEM Research Orientation
Course info
Course module201700020
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact J.M.J. Schutten
PreviousNext 5
Lecturer E.W. Hans
dr. M.C. van der Heijden
Lecturer H. Koffijberg
M. Koot
Lecturer M.R.K. Mes
Academic year2022
Starting block
1A/  2A
RemarksOnly for M-IEM students
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
  1. Get acquainted with the Specializations within IEM and the Research Orientations
  2. Develop meta-cognitive skills, a professional attitude, skills to act in a culture of continuous improvement, and intercultural skills.
  3. Get acquainted with the Managerial Problem Solving Method.
  4. Develop bibliographic research skills, and learn how to categorize literature into a taxonomy
  5. Learn programming logic (pseudo-code, flow charts, debugging)
  6. Learn about the concepts value/performance, performance benchmarking, and multi-criteria decision making
  7. Choose a Research Orientation within the chosen Specialization.
In the first two weeks, students get an introduction of the IEM master program, which consist of Specializations and these, in their turn, consists of one or more Research Orientations. Also, the students work on important professional and research oriented skills. These skills include meta-cognitive skills, skills to act in an intercultural setting, bibliographic research skills, and programming.
In the final eight weeks, the students get an introduction of each Research Orientation within the IEM master program. Moreover, for each Research Orientation, they make one or more assignments to better understand the Research Orientation and to work on their professional and research oriented skills.
The final assignment is that each students makes a motivated choice for one of the Research Orientations within their Specialization.
Assumed previous knowledge
Students must follow the IEM master.
Participating study
Master Industrial Engineering and Management
Required materials
All required materials will be made available on Canvas
Recommended materials
Instructional modes
Presence dutyYes

Presence dutyYes

Presence dutyYes


Kies de Nederlandse taal