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Course module: 201600362
S6: Individual research or design project (Capstone project)
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Course module201600362
Credits (ECTS)15
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. P. Wilhelm
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dr. J.A. Alvarez Chavez
dr. A.D. Beldad, PhD
dr. A.D. Beldad, PhD
Examiner F.J. Dijksterhuis
Lecturer F.J. Dijksterhuis
Academic year2022
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Although, in the capstone project, students gather evidence towards the semester goals, the capstone is assessed. The capstone is assessed on three criteria:
Quality of the work: Novelty, deep knowledge & skill, thoroughness, critical & systematic analysis, well-founded methods, logical conclusions, discussion of limitations and implications, potential for publication, looking across the boundaries of the discipline, etc.
Quality of the process:
Initiative & independence, realistic & effective, anticipating & suggesting adjustments, substantial growth, constructive attitude, intense interest in the subject, pursue opportunities to expand, active, etc.
Presentation: cohesive, imaginative & appropriate language, supportive materials, compelling central message, etc. Is able to explain the content to a wider audience.
Report: thorough understanding of context & audience & purpose, compelling content to illustrate mastery, successful execution of field-specific writing conventions, high-quality, credible and relevant sources, articulate language, etc.

The central component of the last semester of the ATLAS program, the signature semester, is an individual project of between 15 and 20 EC. This project allows students to dive deep into a topic within their preferred sub discipline and to show their competences in research or design; it allows the students to develop and show their signature. As this is an individual project, students should be the initiators and owners. They are allowed to either find both topic and context for the project themselves (in discussion with supervisors) or to choose a predefined Capstone Project provided by a UT-group of their choice (the personal flavor is then obviously restricted).

  Description Test type
1 academic report Final thesis or paper
2 public presentation presentation
3 In-depth discussion with the daily supervisor, ATLAS co-supervisor and third supervisor Oral examination
Participating study
Bachelor Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences
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Presence dutyYes

Final thesis
Presence dutyYes

Presence dutyYes

Project supervised
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