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Course module: 201600151
Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering
Course info
Course module201600151
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact D.W.F. Brilman
Examiner D.W.F. Brilman
Contactperson for the course D.W.F. Brilman
prof.dr. S.R.A. Kersten
Academic year2022
Starting block
1A/  1B
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The course 'Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering' focusses on the processes of mass transfer with chemical reaction in multiphase reaction systems (gas-liquid, gas-solid, gas-liquid-solid etc.). The interaction between mass transfer and reaction kinetics is a central theme. At the end of the course one will be able to describe multiphase chemical reactors by using reactor models and fundamental mass and energy balances. With these one is able to calculate reactant conversion, selectivity and product yield, accounting for the effects of residence time distribution, mass transfer, homogeneous or heterogeneous reaction kinetics, equilibria and heat effects.
The course 'Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering' builds on and expands knowledge and skills developed in the ‘Introduction Chemical Reaction Engineering’ course which focuses on single phase reaction systems and covers reaction kinetics and –equilibria , model reactors, residence time distribution, micro-mixing, conversion, yield and selectivity, mass and energy balances.
The course starts with a short overview/recap of required prior knowledge on single phase reaction systems. Subsequently, mass transfer models (film-, penetration- and surface renewal model) will be discussed and the effect of chemical reactions on the mass transfer rate is analysed in detail, both for homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction systems. Enhancement of mass transfer by chemical reactions during gas absorption, effectiveness factors for heterogeneous catalysts, selection of appropriate mass transfer models, analysis of kinetic rate data and reactor selection are elements discussed within the course. Fundamental mass transfer flux expressions (in general and for limiting situations) are derived, which can be used in multiphase reactor models. With this, reactor performance in terms of reactant conversion and product yield can be calculated, taking into account reaction kinetics and – equilibria, mixing (residence time distribution), multiple reactions (product selectivity) and heat effects.
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Master Chemical Engineering
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