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Course module: 201600043
Characterization of Nanostructures
Course info
Course module201600043
Credits (ECTS)7.5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact J.M. Huijser
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Lecturer M. Huijben
Lecturer J.M. Huijser
Contactperson for the course J.M. Huijser
Lecturer J.S. Kanger
dr. I. Sîretanu
Academic year2021
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Application procedure-
Registration using OSIRISYes
Lecture Part
The central aim is to develop fundamental insight in various aspects of molecular, nanoscale and macroscopic characterization essential for the study of nanostructures, and apply that to case studies. At the end of this module, the students will be able to estimate specific nanostructure properties for given examples.
Project Part
1) Read and understand a scientific paper: Identify the goal, method, result and conclusion of the research. Explain the content to a fellow student.
2) Characterization of bio-nanostructures: Critically address the applied  characterization technique(s) in relation to the application.
3) Biology at the nanoscale: Name the basic biological building blocks (proteins, DNA, lipids) and their physical and chemical properties in relation to the choice of characterization techniques. Identify the biological system under study and place this in a larger context.
This module includes a lecture part (5 EC) and an additional project part (2.5 EC).
Lecture Part (5 EC)
In this module a palette of state-of-the-art characterization techniques to investigate structure and properties of nanostructures will be introduced and applied. The module consists of 3 courses: Surface characterization (35 %), X-ray diffraction (30 %) and Microscopy and Spectroscopy (35 %). Recent publications on metal halide perovskite photovoltaics will be used as case study to illustrate the potential and complementarity of all techniques discussed in this module.
Project Part (2.5 EC)
In this project you are going to study how biological nanostructures can be characterized. To this end you will, in a small team of students, perform a detailed analysis of a peer-reviewed scientific paper that describes research related to characterization of biological systems at the nanoscale.
Assumed previous knowledge
Prior knowledge:
Basics of physical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, materials science and molecular biology
Required materials
Yang Leng, Materials Characterization John Wiley & Sons, 2nd edition 2013, the electronic version of the 1st edition of this book is available online via the UT library.
Atkins' Physical Chemistry, Oxford University Press, 11th edition 2017.
Recommended materials
Handouts; review articles; Powerpoint presentations of the lectures.
Course material
Project: selected scientific publications.
Instructional modes
Presence dutyYes

Test 1

Theory part: 3 separate tests, each grade needs to be at least 5.5 to pass

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