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Course module: 201600025
Finance and Healthcare Purchasing
Course info
Course module201600025
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. F.G.S. Vos
dr. C. Belotti Pedroso
prof.dr. L.A. Knight
prof.dr. A.P.W.P. van Montfort
Contactperson for the course
dr. F.G.S. Vos
Academic year2022
Starting block
Application procedure-
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This course is intended to provide an overview, an appreciation of the importance of finance and healthcare purchasing, with a strong emphasis on healthcare purchasing. The course provides guidance in how to perform and manage professional purchasing in the healthcare sector. The course is not intended to teach you how to become an operational purchaser of healthcare. It is intended for you to understand healthcare finance and purchasing as a management issue: both from the perspective of a healthcare provider and a healthcare insurer / municipality.
Upon completion of this course, the student is able to:
  1. Research, discuss, conclude and make recommendations for the specific healthcare finance and purchasing (including related selling topics) and developments discussed in the course;
  2. Explain the healthcare finance and purchasing roles of Dutch healthcare insurers, providers, and the government;
  3. Develop a healthcare purchasing strategy, a specification, and make supplier selection, negotiation and contract management decisions;
  4. Suggest general improvements for GPOs and the purchasing function of healthcare organizations.
This course covers both finance and purchasing for healthcare providers (e.g. procurement of medical equipment) and the finance and contracting of healthcare itself (e.g. contracting healthcare providers by insurance companies and municipalities). These are important topics worldwide, often discussed in the media and are frequently topic for political debate. The topics also involve large expenditures. Purchasing related operating costs of Dutch healthcare providers add up to about € 18 billion. The purchasing quote of healthcare insurers is estimated to be more than 95% of their total turnover.
For the topics mentioned above and within the Dutch context, the course deals with issues such as: How can contracting healthcare help in reducing healthcare expenses and/or improve the quality of healthcare? How can healthcare providers use their finance and purchasing function to more efficiently and effectively contract suppliers? How can healthcare providers respond to insurance companies and municipalities (healthcare selling)? Et cetera.
The final mark consists of a group mark on an article and an individual mark on the final examination. The scores on the group work count for 33%, the final examination counts for the other 67%. In order to pass, you should have at least 5/10 points for the group work, 5/10 points for the final examination, and 5,5/10 points in total.
Additionally, during the course, there are 5 group assignments. You will need to pass 4 out of 5 assignments to be allowed to participate in the final examination. You will receive 0,5 bonus point for the final examination if you pass all 5 assignments. For all assignments, there is one revision possibility.
Exam (67% of grade), a written report (33% of grade) and 5 mini-assignments (0.5 bonus points possible).
Required materials
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Several articles and teaching notes
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