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Cursus: 201500527
Capita Selecta DST
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)5
VoertaalEngels M. van Keulen
VorigeVolgende 5
dr. F. Ahmed
Examinator N. Alachiotis
dr. S. Bayhan
Examinator M.J.G. Bekooij
prof.dr. J.L. van den Berg
AanmeldingsprocedureZelf aanmelden via OSIRIS Student
Inschrijven via OSIRISJa
Obtain in-depth knowledge of a special topic in the area of Data Science and Technology.
This course enables a student to study an advanced topic in the area of Data Science and Technology. This advanced topic may be needed for performing a Final Project, but it could also be the case that a student is just interested in this topic. The course is not scheduled in the timetable of the programme, since it will be adapted to the students’ needs. Students are expected to show a high degree of independence and initiative in following this course. Once a student has found a teacher for this course, student and teacher should reach an agreement about:
  • the topic to be studied
  • the learning goals
  • the course materials (e.g. papers, books)
  • the learning activities (e.g. self-study, assignments, projects, presentations)
  • a time schedule for the activities
  • the assessment procedure and criteria.
This course can be taken individually, but it is also possible to follow this course as a group. Student and teacher should inform the programme mentor of the Data Science and Technology specialisation.
Students are expected to have a bachelor's degree and to have basic knowledge about the topic to be studied. Otherwise there are no specific prior knowledge requirements for this course. However, research skills like methodically searching for literature, critical reading, design and execution of experiments, and oral and written communication about research, are highly important to finish the course in time, and students who lack these skills will need extra time to acquire them during the course. 

If a student is interested in doing this course but does not have a teacher yet, (s)he can contact the coordinator for finding a suitable teacher.
If there is a proposal as described above that both student and teacher agree on, the proposal should be approved by the coordinator, i.e., by the programme mentor of DST.
Participating study
Master Computer Science
Verplicht materiaal
Aanbevolen materiaal
Course material
Scientific publications related to research topic
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