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Course module: 201400194
Granular Matter
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Course module201400194
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personprof.dr. R.M. van der Meer
Contactperson for the course
prof.dr. S. Luding
prof.dr. S. Luding
prof.dr. R.M. van der Meer
Contactperson for the course
prof.dr. R.M. van der Meer
Academic year2021
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The objective of this course is to provide an introductory overview of granular engineering and science, by combining elements from granular physics and particle technology.
Granular Matter comprises all materials that consist of many particulate entities, each of which large enough not to be subject to thermal motion at room temperature. This somewhat technical definition comprises everyday materials such as sand, flour, gravel, snow, iron ore, and metal scrap. It is ubiquitous in nature, since mountains, soil and the bottom of the sea are predominantly granular. In industry, the most processed materials (with the exception of water) are in granular form, and problems with their handling are causing a staggering loss of 5% of the world energy budget (which corresponds to over 300 billion euros every year). In contrast to its obvious relevance the behaviour of granular materials remains poorly understood. Granular matter can be studied from a fundamental and an engineering perspective, commonly denoted as Granular physics and Particle Technology, respectively.
Because of the strong connection between the two subjects, this course aims at giving a basic introduction to both. Topics that will be covered are:
  • particles, size analysis and characterization,
  • contacts, inelasticity, restitution, and collision models,
  • static granular materials, Rayleigh-Jansen law,
  • Mohr-Coulomb and soil mechanics,
  • dense flows and granular suspensions,
  • granular gases and kinetic theory,
  • micro/macro aspects and granular hydrodynamics,
  • separation, mixing, and segregation,
  • processing (granulation and fluidization),
  • storage and transport,
  • geophysical granular flows, chute flows.

Course contacts:
prof.dr. R.M. van der Meer (Devaraj)
prof.dr. S. Luding (Stefan)

Presentation, three assignments and participation
Assumed previous knowledge
Finished Bachelor AM, AP or ME, or equivalent.
Participating study
Master Applied Physics
Participating study
Master Mechanical Engineering
Participating study
Master Applied Mathematics
Required materials
Recommended materials
Bruno Andreotti, Yoël Forterre and Olivier Pouliquen, Granular Media: Between Fluid and Solid. ISBN 9781107034792
Martin Rhodes, Introduction to Particle Technology. ISBN 9780470014271
Instructional modes
Presence dutyYes

Presence dutyYes

Presence dutyYes

Self study with assistance
Presence dutyYes

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