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Course module: 201400046
Experimental Methods
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Course module201400046
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact L. Warnet
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dr. D. Di Maio
dr. W.K. Dierkes
Lecturer G.R.B.E. Römer
Lecturer M.B. de Rooij
Lecturer C.W. Visser
Academic year2022
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This course will be offered during the third AND fourth quartile.

Give student the tools necessary to design, prepare and work out an experimental research plan.

After the course the student is able to perform:
  • A pre analysis of the type of experience to be performed
  • The preparation of the test set-up, the required instrumentation and the required specimens
  • The post-analysis of the experiments, supported by a critical analysis of the results.
  • Report their finding during a symposium.
This course gives the student the tools necessary to design, prepare and work out an experimental test program, in all aspects involved in such an exercise. The need for such a test program can be to evaluate material or structural behaviour, or to validate a numerical model, or even to estimate the physical parameters to be taken into account in a numerical model.
The methodology proposed involves four main steps; a pre-analysis of the subject, the preparation of the set-up, the instrumentation and the specimens, the performance of the tests and the post-analysis of the results. These steps will be described and illustrated during a series of lectures. Besides, certain specialties will be highlighted during series of lectures. It concerns the application to a specific domain, that of vibrations and fluid dynamics, but also the particularities of certain types of material, Composites and elastomers. Some attention will also be paid to a specific analysis tool, microscopy.
The second quartile is spent on an individual assignment, which will be defined by one or by a combination of different specialisations within MS3. This assignment will be finalised by a symposium, where the students will present their findings, and assessed by a report.
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Master Mechanical Engineering
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