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Course module: 201400014
Strategy & Marketing
Course infoSchedule
Course module201400014
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. R.P.A. Loohuis
dr. R.P.A. Loohuis
Contactperson for the course
dr. R.P.A. Loohuis
dr. K. Zalewska
Academic year2014
Starting block
1B/  2B
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
Learning objectives
• Students can explain how and why strategy and marketing are mutually dependent.
• Students understand the role of strategy and strategic marketing in modern organizations from an embedded perspective.
• Students are capable to identify empirical strategy and strategic marketing problems from a theoretical point of view and reason the choice for applicable constructs for further operationalization.
• Students are capable to construct a research design that is potentially testable in an empirical setting (can be both qualitative and quantitative, or mixed)
• Students are  capable to analyze and interpret data and draw conclusions, including a practical managerial advice
• Students are capable to write a report written in academic style
Course description

The course strategy and marketing draws on modern scientific conceptions of strategy and strategic marketing. These concepts are related to the co-creation of value within and between firms and the dynamics of value creation from both a strategic and operational point of view. Its central themes are strategizing in a turbulent environment, value strategies,  strategic planning, segmenting, targeting, and (re) positioning from a value-in-use perspective in both B-to-B and B-to-C business environments, developing and maintaining strategic business relationships and, finally, the marketing of innovative products and services. The course combines issues on strategy and marketing with business research methods.
Testing and assessment
During the course, the students work on three successive assignments that reflect a pre announced “real life” strategic marketing problem. The first two assignments are based on group work. The last assignment is individual.
The deadlines for submission are announced on  blackboard.
In order to pass, the student must have a weighted total of 5,5 and a 5,5 for his/her individual assignment
Group assignment 1= 20%
Group assignment 2= 30%
Final assignment 3= 50% (graded with minimum of 5,5)
Average must be > 5,5 for a pass
Required materials
Recommended materials
Course material
Bryman & Bell (2011), Business Research methods, Oxford, 3 ed.
Course material
Håkansson, Håkan, and Alexandra Waluszewski. "Path dependence: restricting or facilitating technical development?." Journal of Business Research 55.7 (2002): 561-570. (available on blackboard)
Course material
Macdonald, Emma K., et al. "Assessing value-in-use: A conceptual framework and exploratory study." Industrial Marketing Management 40.5 (2011): 671-682. (available on blackboard)
Course material
Treacy, M., & Wiersema, F. (1993). Customer intimacy and other value disciplines. Harvard Business Review, 71(1), 84-93. (available on blackboard)
Course material
Vargo, Stephen L., and Robert F. Lusch. "Evolving to a new dominant logic for marketing." Journal of marketing 68.1 (2004): 1-17. (available on blackboard)
Course material
Vargo, Stephen L., and Robert F. Lusch. "From goods to service (s): Divergences and convergences of logics." Industrial Marketing Management 37.3 (2008): 254-259. (available on blackboard)
Instructional modes


Self study without assistance
Presence dutyYes

Group assignments & Final assignment

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