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Cursus: 201300090
Brief Internship PSTS
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)10
ContactpersoonY.C.H. Luyten - de Thouars
Contactpersoon van de cursus
Y.C.H. Luyten - de Thouars
dr. M.H. Nagenborg
Contactpersoon van de cursus
M.E. Tijhuis
AanmeldingsprocedureBureau onderwijszaken meldt jou aan
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This course connects to all final qualifications of the programme K1-6, S1-10 It is recommended for students who have no professional experience, e.g. from their prior education. After or in conjunction with the internship, the student does a so-called short Final Thesis Project of 20 EC.
Students who opt for a professional career, may choose for a brief internship. The internship is meant to get acquainted with a future employment sector.
The internship lasts about two months within, for example, a knowledge institute or a company in a relevant field. The PSTS programme has contact with several organisations. The student may also contact other organisations him/herself. During the internship the student has to work on an assignment at the level of a starting academic. This assignment is preferably (but not obligatory) related to the intended subject of the Master’s thesis.
The internship is supervised by an internal (UT) supervisor (if possible, the envisaged thesis supervisor) and an external supervisor. The external supervisor in the organisation will inform the internal UT supervisor on the performance of the intern in the organisation, and thus contributing to the assessment of the internship, the internal (UT) supervisor assesses and grades the students’ achievement.
The internal (UT) supervisor will be involved at least at four moments of the internship:
  1. when formulating the assignment;
  2. after the first week of the internship, to check if everything is running smoothly;
  3. after the first half of the internship, to see if adaptations should be made to the original plan;
after the internship, to discuss and grade the internship report.

Examination and Assesment
Internship report. The assessment aspects and criteria are stipulated in the PSTS internship guide.
At least 75 EC’s of the Year #1 and Year #2 PSTS courses should have been completed successfully, and in any case the courses “TechnoLab” (202000252) and “PhiloLab” (202000253)
Participating study
Master Philosophy of Science, Technology and Soc.
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Course guide
Final Thesis Project Guide PSTS


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