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Course module: 201300074
Research Experiments in Databases and Information Retrieval
Course infoSchedule
Course module201300074
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact M. van Keulen
dr. D. Bucur
Lecturer D. Hiemstra
Contactperson for the course M. van Keulen
Examinator M. van Keulen
Academic year2016
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
Learning goals
Upon successful completion of the course, the students are able to:
  • Set-up and execute their own research in the field of Databases and/or Information Retrieval using a proper research method involving experiments.
  • Report verbally about their research to other researchers.
  • Write a research paper on their research contribution good enough to be included in the CTIT Technical Reports Series.
+ (in the process) students deepen their knowledge of a particular area in the fields of Databases and/or Information Retrieval.
The course REDI is meant as a follow-up for other courses in the fields of Databases and Information Retrieval. In these courses, the required knowledge about the research field has been studied. In REDI, the student will do a research project, which can be either empirical research or the design of an algorithm or system that is experimentally validated. The goal of this course is to obtain experience in doing research, especially in conducting experiments, communicating about them verbally and in writing, and to deepen the knowledge about the research field.

The student will need to setup and conduct an entire research project and communicate these findings with presentations and a research paper. The research will be conducted alone or in pairs. There will be three meetings during the course, one to explain the possible assignments and the organization of the course, and the other two will be used for the groups to present their project to the other students.

Besides a grade for the course, the student(s) also receive a review on their research paper as if it was sent to a scientific workshop. Although this review will have no (direct) influence on the grade, it will give an indication of the quality of the paper and how far one is from being able to participate in the international research community.

All the research projects contribute to ongoing research of EWI research groups.

Required knowledge
To follow the course in a useful way, the student should have knowledge of the structure and functions of databases or search technology. This is covered in one or more master courses with a Database or Information Retrieval topic.
Assumed previous knowledge
Required materials
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Instructional modes

Presence dutyYes


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