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Course module: 201300050
Multi-component Mass Transport
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Course module201300050
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact N.E. Benes
Lecturer N.E. Benes
Contactperson for the course N.E. Benes
Academic year2021
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  • Describe a number of limitations of the law of Fick, and mention physical processes for which these have implications;
  • Explain the concept of driving forces for mass transport by diffusion, and list 4 examples of driving forces;
  • Explain the concept of friction between molecules, and connect this to mobility and diffusion coefficient;
  • Explain the main concept of MS, and explain how the choice of type of flux and the Bootstrap relation relate to this;
  • Apply the MS theory (extend a Matlab code);
  • Think of relevant case study, based on literature;
  • Perform mass transport simulations and critically access the results;
  • Communicate work and findings to others.
This course aims at understanding of mass transport in multi-component mixtures, based on a simplified version of the theory of Maxwell and Stefan.

Main aim is for students to be able to understand the basic principles of diffusion in mixtures containing various different species, driven by a combination of different driving forces, and to apply this understanding in specific relevant chemical technology applications.

Within the course a lot of attention is paid to contemplation and discussion, in order to consolidate the new knowledge and insights. Within this context, students are requested to give a lecture on one of the chapters in the book and to answer relevant case study, in which the multi-component characteristics of transport are evident. The case study involves the use, and stepwise extension, of an existing Matlab code, allowing the students to gradually and relatively independently simulate and study an eventually complex problem.

The course relies on prior knowledge from: Equilibria II, Fysical Chemistry, iFTV, FTV, Separation Technologies.

The following topics are addressed:
  • Limitations of the law of Fick;
  • Driving forces for diffusion (potential gradients);
  • Friction between molecules;
  • Maxwell-Stefan (MS) concept;
  • Bootstrap;
  • Application of MS in relevant process (membranes, heterogeneous catalysis, transport at interfaces);
  • Extending Matlab code for relatively complex simulations.
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Required materials
Mass Transfer in Multicomponent Mixtures J.A. Wesselingh and R. Krishna ISBN 978-90-71301-58-2
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Presence dutyYes

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