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Course module: 201100187
Case Study International Study Tour TM
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Course module201100187
Credits (ECTS)5
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Contact personir. E. Franzen - van Dijk
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ir. E. Franzen - van Dijk
ir. E. Franzen - van Dijk
Academic year2022
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Performing a case study is an integral part of participating in 'The international study tour' organized by Paradoks. Some examples of case studies are: a literature review, a market survey, performing experimental research of participating in a design process etc. These case studies are performed under supervision of member of the scientific staff related to the TM program at the University of Twente active in the chosen field of study. The case study should comprise between 120 and 150 hours and can be performed in a company, a research institute (e.g. a research group at the University of Twente) or a hospital. One should aim at chosen a subject that is related to the TM master track and/or the personal interest. The chosen subject may have a direct relationship with the aim and content of the study tour but this is not obligatory. Assignment is concluded by a written report.
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Telt als keuzevak TM. Procedure op website TM-keuzevakken.
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Master Technical Medicine
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Kies de Nederlandse taal