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Cursus: 201000224
Master Thesis ECB Scheikunde
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)30
CursustypeMaster eindopdracht
Contactpersoondr. T.C. Visser
VorigeVolgende 5
R. Bansal
Docent S.J.A. de Beer
Docent N.E. Benes
prof.dr. J.J.L.M. Cornelissen
Docent J.E. ten Elshof
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The individual master’s final project is the completion of the chemical-part of the SEC Chemistry master's programme. The main objective of the assignment is that the student learns and proves that (s)he is able to define, perform, complete and reflect a research project at a large degree of independence. The assignment is performed in one of the Chemical Engineering research groups of the faculty of Science and Technology of the UT under the supervision of a mentor and the responsibility of a Master's Assignment Committee.

The student has to perform a substantial research or design project that meets scientific criteria. The level of profundity and complexity is defined by the chairman of the Master's Assignment Committee. The student completes the assignment with a written report (the MSc.-thesis) and an oral public presentation.

The master’s final project will be assessed with a mark covering the quality of the research performance, the reporting, the presentation and general aspects of the research. The following learning objectives represent the last three aspects:

Learning objectives

After following the course, the student :

Way of assessment
1. Is able to report adequately about the research.
 (Report is well structured in clear and correct language)
2. Is able to present and to discuss adequately about the research. (Presentation is well structured, with a clear explanation, supported by tools.)  Presentation
3. Is able to work with a high degree of independence, creativity, dedication, pace, commitment (the student himself is responsible for the progress, planning and consultation of his supervisors). Observation by supervisor and MAC members
4. Is able to communicate professionally with the supervisor (problem owner), to co-operate with the members of the research group and to communicate with others from inside and outside the community of Chemical Engineering. Observation by supervisor and MAC members
Before the Master Thesis can be started, three of the four substantive (CSE) master courses must be completed. Of the four substantive master courses, (at least) three are linked to the substantive research and thus supporting specialization courses and they prepare for the Research in the research group. The master courses and the research must be approved by the subject didactician Talitha Visser ( (under the mandate of the Examination Board).
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MSc Final Project

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