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Course module: 201000212
Smart Environments Integration Project
Course infoSchedule
Course module201000212
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact G.M. Bonnema
Contactperson for the course G.M. Bonnema
Lecturer G.M. Bonnema
J.R. Reyes Garcia
Academic year2021
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
After passing the course, the student can:      
  • design (a) system architecture(s) for typical consumer systems;
  • translate theoretical findings (as learned in courses) into (a) user-directed product(s) that adds value to society;
  • formulate and present a coherent and balanced system design that meets user needs and is in line with new technology trends;
  • recognize opportunities of a new technology for use by consumers;
  • balance stakeholders interests into a balanced system architecture of (a) typical consumer product(s).

The master track on smart environments and virtual reality has an essential component of joining different engineering disciplines into products that are useable and useful for customers. In this project two or three subjects are integrated into one system design. 

A system architecture and design has to be developed. Depending on the courses followed in the first part of the master program, an assignment to define a system architecture is formulated by the student or the coordinator. Techniques as taught in Systems Engineering and project competences from the Bachelor’s curriculum in combination with tools and methods from research have to be used to arrive at a coherent and useable system design.

Aspects that have to be treated:
  • Systems architecture
  • Modules
  • Interfaces
  • User interfaces
  • Requirements
  • Context of use

Assumed previous knowledge
Systems Engineering (191211080);
at least two courses that relate to smart environments technology.
Participating study
Master Industrial Design Engineering
Required materials
Course material
Scientific literature will be provided
Recommended materials
Instructional modes
Individual Project
Presence dutyYes


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