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Course module: 194128030
Master Thesis PA
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Course module194128030
Credits (ECTS)25
Course typeFinal project Master
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personM.J. de Nobel
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A. Akbari Kharazi
dr. H.F. de Boer
prof.dr. M.J.G.J.A. Boogers
dr. F.H.J.M. Coenen
S. Donnelly
Academic year2022
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In completing the Master thesis, the student shows that (s)he is able to:
  • independently analyse a research problem in the field of Public Administration;
  • demonstrate in-depth knowledge by applying advanced level of theory and integrating it with all current developments;
  • use scientific sources in a systematic and critical way to develop own research framework;
  • plan and manage his or her own learning process; and
  • communicate with supervisors and colleagues in timely and well-prepared way.

To this end, the student independently develops and implements a research- and/or design-oriented project. The thesis should be completed within the time permitted; justifies the models, theories, methodology and techniques used, as well as the research/design process; and analyses the work she undertook. On completion, the student is expected to hold a public colloquium in which the findings of the thesis project are presented and defended.

The thesis is assessed by the following criteria;
  1. Research question
  2. Literature review & theoretical framework
  3. Research method / design
  4. Data collection & analysis / Validation of the design
  5. Conclusions & recommendations / Contribution to theory & practice
  6. Writing structure & style
  7. Independence & professional skills
  8. Oral presentation and defence

The Master thesis enables a student to explore a topic of interest in detail and to demonstrate gaining in-depth knowledge and competencies as mentioned in the intended learning outcomes of the MSc Public Administration programme. The thesis may specifically focus on an academic research question that involves scientific analysis of data and/or development & implementation of a solution for a theoretical or design problem. Methodological knowledge and skills play a vital role in the research project, both in developing and conducting research- and/or design-oriented (empirical) research. The graduating student may choose a topic discussed in one of the courses attended or a particular issue from the literature or practice. She  initiates the task of formulating a research problem and writing a self-motivated, coherent and well-organised thesis. The student is expected to demonstrate a clear evidence of independence in analyzing the research question and completing the thesis with a minimum of supervision.
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Kies de Nederlandse taal