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Course module: 193409200
Master Thesis: General Aspects
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Course module193409200
Credits (ECTS)20
Course typeFinal project Master
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personF.A. Lukkien
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Lecturer A. van den Berg
Lecturer A. Brinkman
dr. K. Broersen
prof.dr. M.M.A.E. Claessens
prof.dr. J.J.L.M. Cornelissen
Academic year2021
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
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The individual Master’s Final Project is the completion of the Master's programme. The main objective of the assignment is for students to learn and prove that (s)he is able to define, perform, complete and reflect a research project at a large degree of independence. The assignment is performed in one of the Nanotechnology research groups under the supervision of a mentor and the responsibility of a Master's Assignment Committee. Conditionally, the assignment can be done (partially) at another external UT-group or an external institute or organization.
For this final project you will spend 6 to 7 months in one of the participating research groups and conduct a full research project. Under guidance and supervision of a PhD student and/or senior researcher, you will start with an extensive literature survey (reported in a literature report), followed by some experimental work. To monitor the progress, you have to write a midterm evaluation to report the information survey, problem analysis, state of the art progress and future plans to finish the assignment. At the end of the experimental work, you will write up your results in a MSc thesis report that you will defend in a presentation in front of a public audience. Occasionally, the assignment can be (partially) conducted at an organization outside the UT.
More information about the assignment can be found on the Canvas page of the programme.
Assumed previous knowledge
Before you start with your individual master assignment, the assignment itself and your study programme must be evaluated by the Examination Board. Please send in the required form (see Canvas) at least one month before you want to start.
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Master Nanotechnology
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Final thesis
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Kies de Nederlandse taal