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Course module: 192653100
Internet Management and Measurement
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Course module192653100
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact A. Pras
Contactperson for the course A. Pras
Lecturer A. Pras
Academic year2017
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Learning goals
Upon completing the course, students are able to:
  • Explain which management architectures are standardized and used for the Internet.
  • Explain definitions of existing Management Information Base (MIB) modules and formulate simple MIB modules (which consist of scalar values and tables without indirections).
  • Describe which kind of management information is defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and find specific management information defined by this organization.
  • Explain possibilities and limitations of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the difference between the three existing versions of that protocol.
  • Explain possibilities and limitations of alternative management technologies, such as the Network Configuration Protocol (NetConf) and Web Services.
  • Describe which approaches and technologies exist to measure Internet traffic.
  • Solve simple management and measurement tasks using existing tools, such as net-SNMP.
Have you ever wondered about the design process of or questioned seemingly odd choices in protocols that are the building blocks of the Internet as we know it? Or have you ever thought about what sorts of data are going through the Internet, or which uncanny requests your electronic device receives? The Internet Management and Measurement course will give you a greater insight into origin of widely used network protocols on side. It will also teach you ways to observe different activities taking place on the Internet and how to monitor the data flow on networks.  This course discusses architectures, protocols and techniques to measure Internet traffic and manage Internet systems. The architectures that are discussed range from the simplistic manager-agent model, to more advanced distributed management models. The discussion on protocols includes the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the Network Configuration (NetConf) protocol. The operation of routers, switches and other Internet systems can be monitored and modified via so-called managed objects, which are organized within Management Information Bases (MIBs). This course gives an overview of the most important MIBs, as well as the syntax to define these MIBs (SMI). The course concludes with an overview of Netflow and other traffic measurement techniques.  There will be five traditional classroom lectures. Additional (video) lectures and background information are provided via our MOOC platform (, which also includes the exercises upon which grading is based. The course has no central exam.

A basic understanding of layered communication protocols/systems. This is covered in: Telematicasystemen en -Toepassingen (192610000) 
Assumed previous knowledge
Voorkennis noodzakelijk: Telematicasystemen en toepassingen (192610000)
Master Computer Science
Master Electrical Engineering
Master Internet Science and Technology
Required materials
Recommended materials
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Self study without assistance


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