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Final Project BIT
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (ECTS)30
CursustypeMaster eindopdracht
Contactpersoondrs. M. van Grinsven
VorigeVolgende 5
dr. A. Abhishta
dr. F. Ahmed
dr. A.I. Aldea
prof.dr. T. Bondarouk
dr. L.O. Bonino da Silva Santos
AanmeldingsprocedureZelf aanmelden via OSIRIS Student
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After successfully completing the final project, the student is able to:
  • formulate a clear problem statement in the field of Business Information Technology,
  • identify relevant literature,
  • draw up a work plan,
  • adjust the problem statement and the work plan if necessary in accordance with interim evaluations,
  • analyse different possible solutions and motivate the choice for one of them,
  • communicate the research and design activities in both written and oral presentations,
  • reflect on the problem, on the research/design approach, on the solution and on his/her own performance, and
  • demonstrate creativity and the ability to work independently within a professional setting.
The final project is a 30-credit project performed over a 20-weeks period (approximately a semester), which rounds off the Master's programme. It involves research and possibly also design activities. The final project may be developed and implemented internally (within the UT), but it may also consist of a commissioned assignment from a company or another higher education institution. Some projects are performed abroad.
The final project is a 'Master's test'. When completing the project, the student demonstrates that he/she merits the Master of Science qualification in the field of Business Information Technology. While the subject of the assignment focuses on a specified field of study, it is assessed on the basis of a number of criteria. To finalise the project, the student submits a written report (Master thesis) and delivers a public oral presentation about the project, addressing both its implementation and the results obtained and answering questions from the general audience and the committee members.

Testing and Assessment  

The final project is supervised and evaluated by a committee with at least two examiners, one from each faculty participating in the programme (EEMCS and BMS). The committee is chaired by a senior examiner. The final project is marked based on the Master thesis, the performance of the student during the project and the final presentation.

The final mark of the final project is an individual assessment. Only the UT members of the committee are authorised to assign a mark to the project. In the case of external projects, supervisors from other institutions can make recommendations regarding the final mark.
The committee assigns a final mark to the project (thesis, process and presentation) according to the assessment criteria defined in the Final project assessment form.

Please check the following website for more information:
- Research Topics BIT serves as preparation for the Final Project and should be (nearly) completed.
- Completed at least 70 EC without RT and FP.
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Master Business Information Technology
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Final Project

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