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Course module: 192360021
ICT Management
Course infoSchedule
Course module192360021
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. D. Smits, MBA
prof.dr. J. van Hillegersberg
Contactperson for the course
dr. D. Smits, MBA
dr. D. Smits, MBA
Academic year2021
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
The goal of the ICT management course is to educate future managers, so that they are able to make the right decisions on business & ICT management; and in doing so contribute effectively to the desired enterprise performance.

After successful completion of the course, the student is able to:
  • Explain and discuss the topics (see the list in the content section) for ICT management;
  • Designate and apply the implications of these topics in contemporary organizations;
  • Collaborate in a group towards a shared goal. The shared goal is to be able to formulate a proper advise on how to improve IT management in a large organization;
  • Analyze a real organizational problem in a group. Present and discuss the findings during a group presentation in the classroom.
The main topics of this course are ICT management and ICT governance. Alternatives for ICT organizational design and several related topics are discussed.
Some of the topics which will be discussed during the course are:
  • Introduction ICT management: the IT landscape, Run IT, Change IT, IT frameworks, IT standards;
  • IT governance: corporate governance, hard governance, soft governance;
  • Data and information management: data, information, alignment, the CDO, service management;
  • Portfolio management: portfolio types, portfolio analysis, portfolio management;
  • Security and privacy: threads, tools, zoning, standards and frameworks;
  • IT development methods: waterfall, Agile, DevOps, Lean;
  • Conformance: compliance, risk, auditing, control;
  • The IT organization: organizational design, decision making structures, sourcing.
The course takes a practitioner's and academic perspective to ICT management problems and solutions. The literature used in the course are scientific papers and best practice frameworks (four per lesson). Best practice frameworks discussed in the lessons are for example ASL, BiSL, COBIT, COSO, DAMA, ITIL, ISO 27001, P3M3. The papers are discussed based on real life examples and literature. Guest speakers from several organizations are invited to give a presentation on their experience or vision on ICT management.

The exam consists of a group project (50%) and a written individual exam on the theory/practice (50%). As a topic for the group project, each student-group may choose from the aforementioned list of topics.
Assumed previous knowledge
The course is part of the Master's programme "Business Information Technology". Candidates with a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Technology, Business Administration (BA), Computer Science (TI), Technische Bedrijfskunde (TBK) / Industrial Engineering & Management (IEM) or a comparable study are admitted.

Programming experience is not required to take part in the course.
Participating study
Master Business Information Technology
Required materials
Recommended materials
Instructional modes
Group Assignment

Presence dutyYes

Self study without assistance

Group project, Exam

Exam consists of a group project (50%) and a written individual exam on the theory/practice (50%).

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