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Course module: 192320220
Advanced Architecture of Information Systems
Course infoSchedule
Course module192320220
Credits (ECTS)10
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact M.J. van Sinderen
Lecturer M.J. van Sinderen
Contactperson for the course M.J. van Sinderen
Academic year2016
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Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
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Learning goals
Independently study a specific topic in architecture of information systems, service-oriented enterprise architecture, or business process management in depth, specifically:
•        choose an appropriate research methodology to investigate a given research question;
•        plan and carry out theoretical, empirical, experimental, or applied research;
•        find, analyze and appropriately refer to literature relevant to the research question
•        answer the design question and position the research that led to the answer in a wider context;
•        write a scientific paper.
The course "Advanced Architecture of Information Systems" is dedicated to the study of the architecture of information systems at the enterprise level. This means that we do not cope with the internal architecture of a single information system (that would be the area of software architecture, which is covered in other courses), but with cooperative information systems that together support all information processing within an organization. Important architectural aspects in this context concern service-oriented process and application integration, and business process alignment and management.  The course consists of two parallel tracks. In the first track, which amounts to about 25% of the course, students participate in a ‘reading club’ that meets every week. Students take turn in leading a discussion on some literature that everyone in the reading club has studied. In the second track, which amounts to about 75% of the course, students perform an individual research assignment that is closely related to the research work in the area of architecture carried out in the Chair of Information Systems. The goal is to produce a report of sufficient quality for publication in the technical report series of the department. Possible topics are:
•        integration of cross-organizational business processes,
•        integration of enterprise applications,
•        employment of service paradigms (including XaaS) in an enterprise architecture,
•        alignment of business processes and application architecture,
•        business process evolution and requirements for supporting architectures,
•        architectures and paradigms for information systems,
•        architecture governance,
•        maturity models for architecture management,
•        domain architectures (e.g. in electronic commerce), and
•        architecture frameworks.

Entry Requirements:Verplicht: Afgeronde B-INF of BIT.
Skills to search for information methodically.
Reporting skills (i.e., be able to write a paper in English) and critical reading skills.
Ability to evaluate research reports/papers on suitability of applied research methods.
Ability to evaluate research reports/papers on argumentation used.
Assumed previous knowledge
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Presence dutyYes


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