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Internship Computer Science
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (ECTS)20
ContactpersoonW.P.M. Klieverik
VorigeVolgende 5
dr. F. Ahmed
Examinator N. Alachiotis
dr. S. Bayhan
Examinator M.J.G. Bekooij
prof.dr. J.L. van den Berg
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To acquire working experience in an organisation at academic level, other than the University of Twente.
This means working in an organisation with specific purpose: carrying out research or delivering products or services to clients.

After the internship has been completed the student is able to:
  • apply academic knowledge and skills in a professional setting
  • adapt to the work situation of the hosting organisation
  • run a scientific project within its time frame, aiming for realisation of the goals set
  • communicate to peers and non-specialists
  • report about the work in a written form in a clear and concise way (academic writing skills)
The internship takes place outside the UT organisation, for gaining working experience in a company or institution.

The internship has a study load of 20 EC and will take at least 14 weeks (max. 16 weeks) of fulltime work.

Before the start of the internship the UT supervisor (appointed examiner for the M-CS program) checks and approves the assignment description to ensure the required academic level of the internship, the match with the specialization and the profile the student has chosen.

The internship provider assigns a staff member who will support and supervise the work performed by the student on a daily basis in the role as external supervisor.
A progress meeting is held after 2/3 of the time, where the UT supervisor is present. Preferably at the location of the internship or online, unless prevented by travel restrictions or time zone differences.

At the end of the internship, the student submits the final report to the external supervisor for checking and permission to hand it over to the UT supervisor.
The external supervisor will assess the performance, by filling in the external assessment form.
The student submits the final report to the UT supervisor within two months after the internship has ended.
The UT supervisor will grade the work based on the report written by the student and the assessment by the company supervisor.

More information and tips related to the internship procedure can be found on the websites:
MSc Computer Science | Internship EEMCS (
Internship | Internship EEMCS ( 
Canvas EEMCS Internships pages: 

The internship office provides organisational support.

Entry requirements
The student should have finished 45 EC of the courses of the master’s program.

Additional requirements related to your study program can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations.
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Master Embedded Systems
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