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Cursus: 192130210
Real-time Systems 2
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)5
VoertaalEngels M.J.G. Bekooij
Contactpersoon van de cursus M.J.G. Bekooij
Examinator M.J.G. Bekooij
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Real-time specific goals:
After completing this course successfully, the student:
  1. can apply the theory of real-time multiprocessor systems to real-life systems and applications
  2. has an overview of existing analysis techniques and is aware of their fundamental limitations concerning the hardware architectures and the applications characteristics
  3. has hands-on experience with scheduling and mapping of real-time applications on a multi-processor system on chip (MPSoC)
  4. is at a level to conduct research in the field of real-time multiprocessor systems design and analysis
Real-time systems 2 deals with the design and analysis of real-time multiprocessor systems. Unlike real-time systems 1, the focus is on end-2-end throughput and latency analysis of applications running on MULTI-processor systems. The course consist of lectures, some small experiments and a large assignment in which the theory will be applied given a real-life embedded multicore system. The focus of the lectures is on   dataflow analysis techniques and how these dataflow analysis techniques related and compare to other end-2-end analysis techniques. The presented techniques are not only useful for analysis of the system but also for the computation of a mapping and the optimization of applications such that real-time constraints are satisfied. The presented techniques are intended for real-time stream processing applications as found in radios, radar, and video processing systems, and industrial control systems.

  •     Basic knowledge of C-programming and operating systems
  •     Basic mathematical knowledge of linear algebra and discrete mathematic
  •     Basic knowledge of signal processing algorithms
  •     Basic knowledge of multiprocessor hardware
  •     Fundamentals, methods and techniques as applied in Real-Time Systems. This is presented in the coarse Real-time systems 1 (192130200).

Content: real-time multiprocessor analysis techniques with the focus on dataflow analysis and on fundamental limitations.
bachelor CS or EE
Participating study
Master Embedded Systems
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Course material
Handouts, lecture-notes, scientific papers of which the references will be provided, virtual machine with analysis tools and a dataflow simulator, Virtex 6 FPGA boards together with programming tools
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