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Course module: 192110961
XML & Databases 1
Course infoSchedule
Course module192110961
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact D. Hiemstra
Contactperson for the course D. Hiemstra
Lecturer D. Hiemstra
Lecturer M. van Keulen
Academic year2013
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
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Students can apply and explain techniques from research papers on using XML in the database field. Moreover, they can formulate queries in an XML query language like XPath, XQuery, of SQL/XML tot retriee data from an XML database. Prerequisites: Students need considerable knowledge of relational databases, like SQL and normalization (as for instance provided in the Bachelor course Databases, 192110741), and they need the skill to read and understand research papers. Knowledge about database internals such als indexing, query processing and query optimization (as e.g. provided in the Masterds course Advanced Database Systems, 192110902) is helpful but not prerequisite.
The course aims to deepen the knowledge about databases and to apply this knowledge to XML databases, more specifically the use of database technology for the storage and retrieval of XML marked up textual data. XML is becoming *the* standard for data exchange and document publishing on the world wide web. XML provides a number of things traditionally found in databases: schemas (DTDs and XML schema) and query languages (XPath and XQuery), but other things are lacking, like efficient storage, efficient query processing, and indexes. The course will cover the mapping of XML to relational systems and the efficient processing of structure queries (XPath) and textual queries (as e.g. supported by web search engines).


The course consists of traditional lectures explaining the research papers in the reader, and obligatory home work assignments which can be doen in groups of two persons. The course will be assessed by a written examen. The reader, lecture slides and notes can be used during the exam.

Assumed previous knowledge
Inleiding relationele databases.
Required materials
Recommended materials
Reader "XML & Databases"
Instructional modes



Written exam

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