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Course module: 192110940
Secure Data Management
Course info
Course module192110940
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personprof.dr. W. Jonker
A. Bassit
prof.dr. W. Jonker
Contactperson for the course
prof.dr. W. Jonker
Academic year2022
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The importance of secure date management is growing due to open data networks such as the Internet combined with a wide variety of applications that handle large amounts of sensitive data. Nowadays we read in newspapers almost on a daily basis about data security and privacy issues. Classical data protection methods do no longer suffice and the security research community is increasingly working on new approaches towards to securely manage data on open networks such as the Internet. Security and private of data has thus become a cornerstone for the further development of the Internet and governments are increasingly sharpening the rules around protection of data. GDPR being an example of this.

The student will acquire:
  • An appreciation of the security challenges in modern data management
  • A good understanding of diverse data protection mechanisms, and their strengths and shortcomings in different settings especially in open interconnected networks
  • The ability to analyse, evaluate and apply data protection mechanisms in different application settings
  • A deep understand and mastering of principles and current trends in techniques, protocols, implementation schemes regarding:
             - Access control
             - Search in encrypted data
             - Secure distributed data protection
  • Hands-on experience regarding the above topics with cryptographically-enforced data management tools that can be used to achieve security in applications dealing with highly sensitive data.
The spectacular development of processing, storage and communication technologies has spawned an increased awareness of and interest in secure data management to our Networked Information Society.
The Secure Data Management course addresses the challenges posed by the privacy and security issues around data access and sharing in open distributed environments such as networked information systems and cloud infrastructures. The students in this course are getting familiar with both the theoretical and practical aspects of the most recent access control methods and techniques (amongst others crypto-based) in open distributed data sharing environments, and the most recent methods and techniques for search in encrypted data in honest but curious environments.

Key topics that will be addressed are:
  • access control protocols
  • (cryptographic) access policy enforcement
  • search techniques for encrypted data
  • identity / role / attribute based encryption schemes for search and access control
  • key distribution and management schemes
Next to the theoretical work there will be practical group work consisting of the design and implementation of either an access control or encrypted search application. The practical contributes to the final grade.

Linear Algebra
Security and Cryptography 201500027
Assumed previous knowledge
Basic database knowledge: ER modelling, SQL indexing
Previous knowledge can be gained by
Basic crypto: Private/Public key encryption
Resources for self study
Algebraic principles: groups, mappings, linear algebra
Participating study
Master Computer Science
Participating study
Master Internet Science and Technology
Required materials
Recommended materials
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Written exam, Practicals

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