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Course module: 191154760
Fluid Mechanics of Turbomachines 2
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Course module191154760
Credits (ECTS)3.6
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact N.P. Kruyt
Lecturer N.P. Kruyt
Contactperson for the course N.P. Kruyt
Academic year2020
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After the course the student is able to
  1. Explain how flow analyses for turbomachines are based on conservation laws
  2. Explain various approximations to these laws, based on scaling analysis
  3. Explain basic results of potential flow theory, as applied to centrifugal pump impellers
  4. Formulate CFD models for turbomachines and critically appraise CFD results
  5. Explain sources of losses and their modelling
  6. Explain boundary-layer theory and its application to turbomachinery flows
  7. Explain basic and advanced design methods for centrifugal pumps
This course builds upon the basic theory of turbomachines from the course Fluid Mechanics of Turbomachines 1. It expands upon it by more detailed and more accurate analyses of the flow field in such machines. The emphasis is on hydraulic turbomachines.
Conservation laws of fluid dynamics are given for rotating systems. Simplifications to these conservation laws are formulated, based on scaling analyses.
The application of potential flow theory to rotating systems is explained and how it predicts the counter vortex and the associated head reduction factor. The corresponding effect of blade geometry on the performance is given. The formulation of boundary conditions for the numerical solution of the potential flow problem in rotating systems is described.
Various sources of losses in turbomachines are discussed: leakage loss, disk friction loss, mixing loss, boundary layer loss. Models are described to quantify these losses.
The application of boundary layer theory to turbomachines is detailed. The emphasis is on the effect of the variation of the external velocity.
Design aspects for centrifugal pumps are given for impeller and volute. Advanced design methods, such as inverse design and optimization methods, are outlined.
Assumed previous knowledge
Compulsory: Introductory courses on Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics.

Recommended: 191154720 Fluid mechanics of turbomachines 1
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Master Mechanical Engineering
Required materials
Course material
Hand-out 'Turbomachines II'
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Assignment and Oral Exam

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