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Course module: 191102010
Life-cycle Strategy
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Course module191102010
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personir. M.E. Toxopeus
ir. M.E. Toxopeus
Contactperson for the course
ir. M.E. Toxopeus
Academic year2021
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This course will be offered only during the fourth quater.

Course objective
To gain knowledge about applying LCA theory in Engineering.
Key words:
Impact Assessment Methods Life Cycle Analysis: goal definition, inventory analysis, profiling, classification, evaluation, functional unit, inventory table (extractions, emissions), environmental effects, midpoints & endpoints, environmental profile, reliability, validity, sensitivity,
normalisation, improvement, redesign, data collection and interpretation, system boundaries, recycling, reuse, allocation (co-production), Avoided products, technology (average, marginal), Validity

(spatial, temporal), society, administration, Weighting factors, waste scenarios.

  • Assessment of  product lifecycles. Creating process trees, mass and energy balances, collecting and interpreting data, simulating values, coping with uncertainties and incomplete methods and theories assessing:
  • developing impact assessment methods for different aspects than environment
  • effect of (environmental) interventions on (environmental) systems
  • (environmental) profiles in connection with options of improvement, maintaining a balance between thoroughness and progress within certain limits
  • consistency in overall work and sub-activities. Use of LCA simulation solftware (probably Gabi).

Written test on LCA theory. Followed by an (group) assignment and discussion. The final assignment is on developing a new impact assessment method on a different domain than environmentFinal mark after the group assignment.

This course is quite intense. The theory will be discussed during the condensed lectures in the first weeks, followed by an abstract Group Assignment that will need time and collaboration. During the course a mandatory software practical (in probably 2 parts) will be scheduled. Prior knowledge of LCA's (from the WB course “Ketenbeheer” or “introduction to LCA”) can be a benefit, but is not necessary. The course is also suitable for IDE students and international students with some basic understanding of product development, materials, manufacturing and environment. The only available study material are the lecture slides and the presentations, therefore this course is NOT suitable for Self-study.
Due to the integration of LifeCycle Strategies with the project assignment, there is no resit possibility The written LCA test after the theory lectures will form a threshold for acceptance in the final group (project) assignment. Failing the theory test means failing the course. Due to the tight time restrictions a resit or re-exam for the LCA theory test is not possible

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Master Mechanical Engineering
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Master Sustainable Energy Technology
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