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Course module: 191100020
TRIZ - Assignments
Course infoSchedule
Course module191100020
Credits (ECTS)2
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact T.H.J. Vaneker
Lecturer T.H.J. Vaneker
Contactperson for the course T.H.J. Vaneker
Academic year2021
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
The goal of the course is to apply the basic tools and concepts of TRIZ on a specific TRIZ assignment. After the course the students should be able to use the basic TRIZ tools on (engineering) problems to help him/her in finding innovative solutions.
After the course, the student is able to...
  • Give a basic explanation of the TRIZ way of thinking
  • Apply TRIZ tools on everyday engineering problems
  • Generate innovative solutions using TRIZ
  • Evaluate the solutions that were generated and select the best solution to the problem

After the successful completion of the TRIZ Fundamentals course (191100010), participants can also participate in an optional individual TRIZ related assignment. Two options are available:
  1. The TRIZ assignment is based on an industrial or research assignment. A list of assignments to choose from is provided on forehand and subject to availability.
  2. The TRIZ assignment is done in conjunction with your thesis assignment or as an application for a design competition. In these cases, the student takes the initiative and proposes an assignment.
Before starting the TRIZ assignment, it must be approved by one of the course coordinators.
Assumed previous knowledge
Required: 191100010 TRIZ - Fundamentals
Participating study
Master Industrial Design Engineering
Participating study
Master Mechanical Engineering
Required materials
Recommended materials
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